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As the demographics of the workforce keep changing in this fast-paced world, it is inevitable that organizations also change their tactics and strategies in recruiting to be better placed to address the changes in the talent pool and their changing expectations. To remain competitive and to be able to tap into top talent, you need to apply modern trends of recruiting. That is where we come in!

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Whatever Your Process, The Right People Make Things Run Smoother

The hardest part about hiring the “RIGHT PEOPLE” for a job is the time it takes for you to do it on your own. We will ensure you save time by screening and pulling the best candidates from our pool, and then you can choose from the best and most qualified! We find you the “Needle in the Hay Stack”!

“I am convinced that nothing a Small Business Owner or Manager does is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people not on strategies.”–Lawrence Bossidy Quote

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What We Can Do For You

From entry-level to executive level, temporary to direct hire, Hoosier Personnel can find the perfect fit for you. When our candidates and clients succeed, so do we. Hoosier Personnel Direct-Hire candidates undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure we deliver the top prospects for our clients based on their needs and the qualifications you require. Our temporary candidates undergo a similar screening process based on client requests. Hoosier will customize each and every proposal based on your needs in order to serve your organization properly. We match our candidates based on skill level, experience, and professionalism to ensure they are the right fit for the client. We also offer online and in-house training depending on the client needs and the type of training required. Need an on-site coordinator? We got you covered there as well! We build relationships with our clients and employees and will always deliver that personal attention. We earn the name Hoosier by delivering on the phrase “Hoosier Hospitality” to employees and clients alike. Contact us today to discover the Hoosier difference!

Direct hire placement

Placement of full-time professionals at every level from staff to middle management to executive roles.

temporary placement

Temporary and temporary-to-hire staffing for peak periods, special projects, leaves of absence and staff vacancies.

we collaborate

because we know the best solutions come from teamwork.

we make it personal

because the better you know someone, the better you can serve them.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

Whether we are thinking about starting a business, or just thinking about what career path to choose, it’s important that we follow our passions. When we think about what is needed to be successful in life and in our careers, we most likely think about characteristics like value, talent, ambition, intellect, discipline, persistence and luck. What we often fail to include in this recipe for success is PASSION. The passion we have, or don’t have, for our work should not be underestimated. Sometimes this ingredient could make the biggest difference of all!

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